MEP 2D Drafting

A MEP 2D drafting solutions enable you in offering excellent synchronization by merging the drawings of the diverse system amongst all the unique building designs. To provide precise drawings for all MEP trades, we serve general contractors, engineers, consultants, contractors, and fabricators. By eliminating conflicts between trades and figuring out the best pathways, we provide coordinated shop drawings of mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems. MEP drawing services are offered by us are mainly for residential, business, and industrial buildings. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are necessary for the general operation of every building structure in order to achieve sustainability. MEP2D drafting services make it possible to produce comprehensive drawings of multiple systems, effectively synchronizing all of the different building designs.

We provide high-quality, modestly priced MEP drafting services for a range of sectors across the USA. We are prepared to manage projects of all sizes and complexity and our BIM professionals increase the success of your project by providing top-notch quality services in a shorter turnaround time at the best pricing in the industry. Our MEP 2D drafting experts are capable of providing detailed drawings so that they meet the requirements for design, construction, and operations. We provide 2D drafting services for HVAC duct and pipe, plumbing systems, electrical and fire systems, mechanical equipment, machine parts, and MEP systems. We use modern software such as Autodesk Revit to provide precise MEP drafting and detailing to meet MEP design needs, including heating and cooling system detailing and component selection, electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, and structural foundation, framing, and roofing plans, among other things.

Our MEP 2D Drafting Services in Different Sectors

When you partner with us for MEP Design and drawing services, we will assume full responsibility for the project focus on other crucial aspects of business expansion. For a variety of businesses, including the civil, architectural, contracting, and construction sectors, we offer a comprehensive selection of MEP 2D drafting solutions. For trade contractors and builders, we offer coordinated duct and shop drawings, electrical drafting services, and plumbing drafting services.

Mechanical Drafting Services

Using software like Revit, our MEP engineers can examine MEP designs and information and offer comprehensive drawings. HVAC duct and pipe layout, fire protection system layout, heating and cooling system layout, etc. are just a few of our mechanical drawing services.

MEP Shop Drawing Services

Our engineering team offers as-built specifications, shop drawings that are ready for fabrication, and shop drawing extractions. According to the client's requirements, the draft contain the necessary comprehensive assembly instructions.

Electrical Drafting Services

Our MEP engineers with the requisite skills can create electrical schematics and wiring diagrams providing information, such as transformer locations, logic diagrams, cable runs, etc. Electrical wiring and cable drawings, lighting circuits, cable tray layouts, electrical panel layouts, and electrical distribution layouts are just a few of the many 2D electrical services we offer at Erasmus.

Plumbing System Drafting Services

Drafting of domestic and commercial plumbing systems, including systems for compressed air, medicinal gas, natural and LP gas pipelines, water supply, waste-water management, and fire sprinklers. Detailed isometric drawings, riser diagrams, schematics, etc. will be included in the draft. Our team of internal experts is able to offer our clients HVAC duct and pipe modelling services, drainage plans, water supply and distribution plans, and plumbing drafting services of the highest quality at affordable rates.

Architectural Drafting Services

We offer our expert service to plan, design and carry out 2D floor plans, cross-sectional plans, interior plans, reflected ceiling plans, framing and roof casting plans, etc.

Structural Drafting Services

We provide top-notch 2D drafting services for drawings of structural foundation plans, beam and column cross-sectional details, drawings of raft and pile foundations, and more.